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    PLS is led by two Outstanding schools, Sydney Russell in Dagenham and St Angela’s Ursuline in Newham.
    So you’ve decided to take on the best and most important job in the world! Firstly congratulations! Welcome to PLS one of the country’s largest and most successful teacher training provisions. Within this website you will find everything you need to begin to realise your ambition to change the lives of young people forever. Read more
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    Why train with us

    Our context is a varied one within East London and parts of Essex.  PLS schools are spread across the area.  It is the most culturally diverse geographical area in the whole of the United Kingdom with every major faith represented and a multiplicity of languages spoken.

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    Our partnership

    PLS is a dynamic partnership between two existing teaching school alliances (Partnership Learning Teaching School Alliance & East London Teaching School Alliance).

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News and Events

Our latest news and upcoming events
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    Secondary Professional Studies

    6th June 2018
    Wider Role of the form tutor

    11th June 2018
    Sussex PGCE RPK Interviews

    12th June 2018
    Sussex PGCE RPK Interviews

    13th June 2018
    Teaching Standard Workshop

    20th June 2018
    Reviewing the Year

    27th June 2018
    Celebration - end of training course

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    Primary Professional Studies

    Wk 33
    Wk 33 | 12th June 2018
    Sussex PGCE RPK Interviews
    Wk 33 | 13th June 2018
    Sussex PGCE RPK Interviews
    Wk 34
    Celebrating Success
    Wk 35
    Preparing for the NQT year
    Wk 35
    End of course celebration

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  • Testimonial
    Elaine Samson , PLS Primary Trainee and NQT

    My experience: The PLS Primary (Teacher Training) It was only last year that I was part of the first ever cohort for the PLS programme for teacher training. I gained so much experience, knowledge and confidence throughout the year that I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today if it weren’t for the training and support that I received from my mentor, tutor and colleagues. I ensured that I worked really hard, I would always work on my targets each week ensuring I would succeed in completing the teachers’ standards successfully. Each term I progressed and developed, my observations got better and I passed my training year with flying colours. I’m now in my NQT year at a brilliant Catholic school in Newham. We’ve also just had our section 48 R.E. inspection and it went extremely well. In addition to this, I would also like to share that I was also observed during this inspection and I am proud to share that the inspector thought I wasn’t an NQT (what a compliment indeed) and I would have to thank my training year for the kind of teacher I have become. I would highly recommend anyone looking to do their teacher training, to do it with the Partnership London SCITT programme.

  • Testimonial
    Stephen Roche, PLS Trainee and NQT

    Training to teach was one of the most challenging and fulfilling things I have ever done in my life. The experience was made even better by the support and guidance I received from the Partnership London SCITT and my school. They really are experts at bringing trainees of all prior experience levels through to becoming Good and Outstanding practitioners. I cannot recommend Partnership London SCITT enough.

Our Mission

Our aim is to recruit, train and retain the very best teachers for the young people of East London and Essex.

‘Inspiring today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders’