How to apply

Applications for teacher training places should be made through UCAS via the following link:-

Search for a training programme

You should select the relevant criteria in the drop down lists and then enter ‘PLS’ in the ‘Search for a training provider or select a region’.  Click on Partnership London SCITT when it appears in red.  When you click on the search button you will be shown all of the available provider led courses offered by PLS ( secondary and primary) as well as the School Direct salaried and unsalaried courses offered by our two lead school partnerships, ELTSA (secondary) and PLTSA (secondary) and St Edward's Teaching School Alliance (primary), for whom we are the provider.

Please click on this link to see the range of subjects available together with their UCAS course codes - Course codes

Programme TitleAge RangeELTSA CodePLTSA CodePLS Code
 Art & Design 11-16 2HS4 2GB3 2TBJ
 Biology 11-16 2LRR 2GJ7 2TJ6
 Business Studies 11-16 2MS6 34HT 2VYW
 Chemistry 11-16 2HVS 2GJ9 2TJ5
 Computing 11-16 2MSC 2GJB 2TJ7
 Design & Technology 11-16 2HSQ 2GJF 2TJM
 Drama 11-16 2HS5 2GB9 2TJH
 English 11-16 2HXM 2GBC 2TJ3
 Geography 11-16 2MSD 2GHS 2TJ9
 Health & Social Care 11-16 2TMR  2TJK
 History 11-16 2MSF 2GHV 2TJ8
 Mathematics 11-16 2HXP 2GHX 2TJ2
 Modern Languages 11-16 2HSR 2GBF 2TJJ
 Music 11-16 2HSP 2GHZ 2TJC
 Physical Education 11-16 2HVP 33WH 33WF
 Physics 11-16 2HSX 2GBG 2TJ4
 Psychology 14-19 2MSH 34HW 
 Religious Education 11-16 2HSN 2GJ5 2TJL
 Social Science 14-19 2MSJ 34HV 

Beneath are a list of UCAS codes for the Secondary School salaried routes

Programme TitleAge RangeELTSA CodePLTSA CodePLS Code
 Art & Design 11-16 34HK 34HC 
 Biology 11-16 34HB 2GJ8 
 Business Studies 14-19 34HM 34HD 
 Chemistry 11-16 2HVD 2GB7 
 Computing 11-16 34HN 2W9F 
 Design & Technology 11-16 34DR  
 Drama 11-16 34HP 34HF 
 English 11-16 2HS3 2GJH 
 Geography 11-16 34HQ 2WBK 
 History 11-16 34HR 2WKG 
 Mathematics 11-16 2HS6 2GJJ 
 Modern Languages 11-16 34GQ 34HG 
 Music 11-16 34HS 34HH 
 Physical Education 11-16 38CN 38CM 
 Physics 11-16 2MSG 2GBH 
 Religious Education 11-16 2WQW 34HJ 
Programme TitleAge RangeELTSA CodePLTSA CodePLS Code
Primary3-7 2TMV 34FP 2T9B
Primary7-11 2TMV 34FP 2T9B
Primary Salaried3-7 2TMT 22WS 
Primary Salaried7-11 2TMT 22WS