Mission Statement

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Our mission statement

Our aim is to recruit, train and retain the very best teachers for the young people of East London and Essex.

‘Inspiring today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders’

We very much see teaching as a vocation and in this light we aim to:

recognise and respond sensitively to the talents and needs of every trainee teacher and provide the most appropriate means of developing their full potential

ensure that equality of opportunity is available to all

welcome, value and respect all who train in PLS

provide opportunities for experiencing the fullness educational life while developing a spirit of tolerance, understanding and respect for other cultures, traditions and faiths that may be found in our local community and in PLS partner schools

build a learning community based on justice and a sense of personal responsibility

promote dialogue and co-operation with the wider community

encourage commitment to life-long learning

Partnership London SCITT (PLS) distinguishes itself from other local providers by its unique ethos and mix of schools and academies, long history of teacher training activity, geographical spread and commitment to a diverse workforce in a very multi-cultural environment

We are a unique collection of schools, academies, faith schools and free schools offering trainees the highest quality training within a multi-racial inner city context with some of our partners extending outside that area. No other local provider is currently able to offer such a wide range of partner schools and such a diverse socio-economic background for trainees, ranging from some of the most economically deprived areas of the country to the outer London boroughs.

We are committed to the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers at a time of great challenge in teacher recruitment. Because of our experience and research we know our local area and know the needs of the students, schools and communities as a whole.