Placement Structure

placement structure

Working to an A-B-A model, the School A placement is one in which, as a trainee, you experience the greatest amount of change within your professional practice.

School A

School A will be the school in which you will learn how to plan, teach, assess and evaluate your teaching through your assessments of learners.

You will gradually increase your teaching hours per week based on an individual review of your progress with your mentor.

The training programme will scaffold your progress by moving you from observations to teaching increasing phases of a lesson (e.g. beginning with a starter/plenary before building to a larger phase of a lesson).

As a guideline teaching hours will be:

Autumn term: 40% timetable (approx. 9 hours)
Spring term: 60% timetable (approx. 14 hours)
Summer term: 80% timetable (approx. 18 hours)

School B

The second school placement enables you to gain an understanding of a different school setting, different whole school priorities as well as teaching in a new learning environment. The School B placement begins with a short induction to ensure you have all necessary information on school policies and procedures, meet your mentor and get to know the school.  School B should then quickly see you teaching whole lessons.

Trainees for all PLS programmes will be asked to attend Induction in the July prior to the commencement of training in September.