Programme Rationale



  • Overview of PLS vision and philosophy for teacher training
  • Understanding the school organisation
  • Reflecting on the teacher role
  • Aware of key issues such as safeguarding
  • Aware of current national priorities in teaching and their impact on classroom practice
  • High expectations from all teaching groups and all pupils as a starting point
  • All things teachers do must be in the best interests of the students
  • Viewing children as imitative learners
  • What “baggage” am I bringing to teaching?

Foundation, Term 1

  • Emerging understanding of teaching and learning
  • All lesson plans thoroughly prepared and shared with mentor
  • Observation of good practice within and outside own department
  • Presentation of work in a way that interests and motivates
  • Managing question and answer sessions
  • Considering how planning interacts with the management of classes and lessons
  • Viewing children as learning from didactic exposure
  • Focus on reflection

Developing, Term 2

  • Developing understanding of teaching and learning
  • Proactively adding evidence to PLS portfolio
  • Judging what can be expected of a pupil
  • Linking Professional studies to classroom practice
  • Reflective evaluation of above- WWW/EBI
  • Identify specific training needs and incorporate into targets set
  • Viewing children as thinkers
  • Moving to teaching classes without another teacher in the room

Consolidation, Term 3

  • Enhanced understanding of teaching and learning
  • Better understanding of “outstanding” incorporated into own practice
  • Getting the most out of all pupils- realising full potential
  • Encouraging pupils to raise expectations of themselves
  • Confident in the classroom
  • A reflective learner
  • A researcher
  • Ready for the next stage of development as an NQT
  • Recognising this is the start not the end of the journey
  • Viewing children as managers of their own knowledge
  • Development of personal mature relationships with pupils

PLS realises that the end of training is the start of what should be a life-long learning and developmental journey.

PLS Programmes have a coherent and fully integrated structure stemming from a holistic vision of both teacher training and the partnership as a whole. The depth of the programmes ensures you will have outstanding subject knowledge and outstanding knowledge of education as a whole by the end of your training.